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Our method is to take the time to interact and adjust to each child’s comfort level in order to reveal his/her unique personality in every photo. Our ability to capture childhood in all its innocence and awe is what makes us feel alive. Each session is improvised as we go along, allowing full freedom of play and surprise and mischief and resulting in personalized photos that authentically capture your child’s individual personality, spirit and heart. No two sessions are alike and that is wonderful. We focus on your child, not some prop or backdrop or staged pose.

Starting from INR 6,500

Session 1

Each of our sessions are different,
but a typical session usually includes:

ONE Child, ONE Outfit, ONE Background
30 minutes on location
5 prints
10 edited images
Lo-res images for web
Hi-res images on DVD

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Starting from INR 9,500

Session 2

A typical session usually includes:

ONE Child, TWO Outfits, TWO Backgrounds
1 hour on location
15 prints
15-20 edited images
Lo-res images for web
Hi-res images on DVD

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Starting from INR 12,500

Session 3

The Grand Shoot
Indoors or Outdoors usually includes:

ONE Child, FOUR Outfits, FOUR Backgrounds
2 hour on location
25 prints
20-30 edited images
Lo-res images for web
Hi-res images on DVD

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Starting from INR 19,500

Session 4

The Elite Shoot usually includes:

ONE Child, SIX Outfits, combination of SIX Indoor or Outdoor Backgrounds
3-4 hour on location
35 prints
35-40 edited images
Lo-res images for web
Hi-res images on DVD

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What do sessions include?

First and foremost is keeping everything as simple, easy and stress- free as possible. I come to you so no need to worry about packing up dresses, diapers, snacks etc.

Of equal importance is creating an atmosphere where your child is free to be their genuine selves. Keeping things playful, engaging, silly, easy, open and fun for all is as much a priority as creating high quality family portraits that will forever celebrate this unique and very special time in your child’s life. So yeah if you think anything will help make your little one more relaxed (a favorite toy, music, books etc…) do bring them along.


Sessions are scheduled ahead of time keeping in mind what will work for you and your little one. On days that work best for you. At times when your child is at their very best and most ‘them’; which you would know better than me. Your session is individually created around your child’s unique waking/napping schedule at the time of day that is best for you. Ah!! The simplicity!


To assure the most fun and stress-free session, upon scheduling, you’ll receive a ‘preparations email’ full of simple easy tips to help you get the most out of your Just Kiddin’ shoot.


wned by Just Kiddin’. We put in a lot of hard work to get the perfect output. We may showcase the output to promote Just Kiddin’. Clients agree to give picture credits to Just Kiddin’ whenever images are used in social media such as Facebook/Instagram or Press/Media.

Unedited images are only for the personal viewing of client and should not be shared on public platforms by anyone. Commercial use of the images is completely prohibited unless agreed with us.


Props: We have a wide collection of props/backgrounds for our creative setup. We may want to use some of your stuff too, which may add to the creative setup. A detailed discussion will be done much before the shoot, when we would mutually agree on the concepts


While booking you will need to pay at least 50% and rest during the day of shoot.