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Just Kiddin’

Childhood is golden, but it is also fleeting. Preserving those golden moments is Just Kiddin’s promise to you. Encapsulating each client’s individuality is the focus of every session. Traditional poses and “say cheese” smiles will never be a part of your experience. A session with Just Kiddin’ guarantees images you can look back on and remember with a smile eons later when your little one has flown the nest in search of their own world.

Remember: Every session with Just Kiddin’ is customized around YOUR child. Waiting to meet you and your little ones; let us create for you Sweet memories for a lifetime…

Behind the Lens

Hello, I am niKk!

A photographer who discovered his passion for photography at an early age when he was introduced to the world of film photography by his Grandpa. Since then it has been learning and growing process always keeping alive an eye for capturing the heart, as well as the beauty of each individual.

The Story

Until 2012, I was still not sure as to where I wanted to focus my energy and creativity; nature, wildlife, people, events… so many to choose from. I decided to pursue childhood as my niche when I looked back at the shots I have taken over the years and caught myself smiling more when I saw the snap shots of my nieces, nephews, friend’s kids etc.

10% of the proceeds will be dedicated to giving back to the community through our charitable alliances.

With love,

Founder of Just Kiddin’